Sunday, August 04, 2013

Part two of my sandal post

 I am thrilled to pieces that my last post was featured on Chross' spankings of the week post. My blog has been featured twice, so it's a big honour for me. Thanks!

This post is actually part two of that post.

After spanking me for a bit, my guy went ahead and fingered me. I came three times. The third time consisted of my guy having his entire hand up my pussy.

I was incredibly dopey afterwards. I remained across his lap. He told me that I have nice legs and feet. He went ahead and caressed the length of each leg.

I eventually mustered up enough strength to sit up. He looked at me and we kissed some more. We enjoy kissing, perhaps more than we think we do.

He guided my hand to his hard cock. It was standing up in his pants. It isn't a huge (no pun intended) surprise to me. However, when it does happen, it means that he has missed me a lot. I rubbed the tip of his penis and stroked the length of it for a bit.

My guy couldn't stand not taking his member out. I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and proceeded to jerk him off. As I was jerking him off, I moved my bare leg closer to his penis, eventually having it rub against my leg when I changed my hand position from time to time. He loved it.

He came. Semen ran down my leg. We both agreed that it was an awesome moment.

I rested my head against his chest for a bit. He was dopey. Moments later, we cleaned up and chatted, as we normally do.

I told him how much I liked being spanked last week in a diaper-like position and seeing his expression on his face. I told him that he spanks me well.

I could tell by his intonation that he had a serious question to ask me. He asked me to provide examples of how he was boyish. He admitted that he'd rather be known as macho than boyish. I explained that he's manly and gave him examples, such as when he was to protect me from people who are mean to me. He is boyish the way that he looks at me and when he is playful. I told him not to change and that I like him the way he is.

He kissed me and said that I was sweet. He admitted that he views me as his princess that should always be protected.

I can always tell when he is extremely dopey . He tends to repeat a word as if it's a mantra and he is trying to calm himself down. The word this time was he. I teased him about it, as it sounded like he was giggling. We both couldn't stop laughing about it.

We then talked about my old sandals. I updated him about my disposal of them. I was wearing them on the weekend. Somehow, I managed to step on a dead dragonfly and brought it into my car, along with the ants that were devouring the carcass. The bottom of my left sandal looked gross.

I had brought my new pair of sandals with me and forced myself to wear them. I ended up disposing of my old sandals at a Starbucks drive-thru where a garbage receptacle was available.

My guy laughed and thought that I would talk to my sandals, saying goodbye to them before throwing them away. I kissed him to make him shut up. He laughed some more. He did shut up momentarily. Kissing does have many benefits.

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