Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kissing and being spanked with a wooden ruler

I have a fairly sturdy wooden ruler in my car at all times. It has a number of uses. If my cell phone goes flying off the passenger front seat and onto the floor mat, the ruler acts as an extension of my arm. I can fetch it while still seated on the driver side.

No one questions the real reason why I have it in my car. Only my guy and I know what the real purpose of having convenient access to it. Whenever we have treehouse time, I can quickly bring it with me. It is also one of the most sturdy spanking implements, as we have broken both a wooden spatula and crop while spanking me.

I like the feel of wood slapping by buttocks. I can't explain it. I simply enjoy it. It stings. It hurts. I love how sore I am for at least a day after the fact.

In a previous post, I was spanked with this ruler over my jeans. After that spanking and having been pleasured by my guy, I raised myself from being over his lap and kissed him. I was essentially on my hands and knees on the backseat. His right arm was long enough to reach over to grab the wooden ruler and smack my backside numerous times as we were kissing.

I find the whole thing highly arousing. I love how my backside gets achy and warm. I love the sound that the ruler makes across my panties and my bare bottom. He knows how to get me instantly wet.

My guy told me the other day that he likes when I'm across his lap and he spanks me hard. I end up holding onto him tighter (I am normally grabbing his thigh or butt). I am a bit clingy, especially when the spanking really hurts.

He is in Croatia all week. I got an e-mail from him today. It was nice. We hope to connect on Skype tomorrow. I miss him.

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