Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spanking for relentless teasing

My guy has an addiction to Facebook. He has told me so a number of times. He gets engrossed in some stories or trends that he sees in his feed, and feels the needs to share and add his two cents.

Sometimes, he ends up forgetting that we have an after-work date. I end up paying by unnecessarily waiting for him due to his tardiness. In a weird twist of fate, our team had an emergency software meeting at the end of the day on Thursday. As a result, by the time I was done with that meeting, my guy said that he was leaving and driving over to our meeting place.
"Finally!" I replied.
"Sorry," he said.
He knows that I am going to bring the topic up when we meet. Oddly, I don't get angry at him. Rather, I tell him that he's always making me wait, which makes me delay pleasuring him. It's fair to me. He knows it and says that he's sorry.

I got to our regular treehouse location. My guy was in his car in the driver's seat. He got out and said hi. He had a cup of Timmy Horton's coffee in his hand.

We got into the car. My guy asked me whether I was wearing his gifts. Yes, the purple bra, and purple panties with black lace fit me nicely. He liked what I was wearing.

I asked him what he was drinking.
"It's a medium half-hot chocolate, half-coffee," he replied.
"You mean you're drinking a mocha," I said.
"What?" he asked me.
"You could have just ordered a mocha."
"True, but I didn't want a fancy drink. I wanted to save an extra $1.10."
 "Yes, you did, because you're Mr Cheapo."
"No, I am practical."
"Well, if you drink enough of your frugal drinks, you'll have enough to pay off your recent speeding ticket."
Yes, my guy got a $50 speeding ticket for driving 64 km in a 50 km zone. It was different that we started chatting. Normally, we say hi, kiss, and continue to kiss. It just wasn't the case today.

We were both feeling playful. I was pushing his buttons. He gently grabbed my hand.
"You deserve a hard spanking. Come here!" he said, looking at me an then looking at his lap.
"No!" I exclaimed, refusing to move over.
My guy reached under my left buttock and pinched it. It hurt. He was enough for him to assist me in going over his lap.

He lifted up my skirt. He caressed the exposed part of my buttocks that my panties could not cover up.
"You know that you've been a bad girl, right?"
"No, I am always a good girl. You just think I'm bad."
"Do you think so?" he asked.
"Of course."
Well, he spanked my exposed left buttock at least a dozen times in rapid, hard succession. He said sternly that I was a naughty girl and proceeded to do the same thing to my right buttock.
"You can't count. The number of smacks on my left cheek doesn't match what you just did to my right," I noted.
"You are accusing me of not being able to count?" he asked.
"Yes," I replied defiantly.
"Let's try this exercise again."
He smacked my left buttock hard a number of times. He did the same thing with my right buttock.
"Was that better?" he asked me, proceeded to slap the backs of my thighs and calves.
"You keep missing the target," I said playfully.
"We'll see about that."
He smacked my backside, but with more force. It hurt. I loved it.

He then fingered my now wet pussy. It felt good. He made me reach orgasm rather quickly.

My guy told me later that he loved having two fingers up my pussy and two fingers up my butthole. I enjoyed it, too. In the heat of the moment, he asked me to beg him to insert his fingers in me, as he was teasing me. I did beg and he held his end (sorry for the pun) of the bargain. I came yet again.

I sat up. My guy looked at me lovingly. He kissed me while brushing my hair away from my face. He held me in his arms and started to talk.
"Are you ever going to kiss me?" he asked me.
"Why?" I said, teasing him.
"I am talking a lot. When you want me to stop, you have told me that you end up kissing me."
"Maybe," I said.
"I'm going to start talking about tires and rims all night, then."
Although we both enjoy our chats, I told him to shut up and kissed him on the lips. He laughed, at first. We kissed a lot, as if we were just starting our date together.

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