Thursday, August 15, 2013

Showered with gifts to set up an upcoming spanking

I had a great date night with my guy. We hadn't seen each other in over a week.

We had quality time first. I will need to pick up the writing pace soon. At work, there are deadlines galore these days. The craziness is expected to be over by Thursday, which explains my not posting too often as of late.

After that, we needed some grub, so we headed to our favourite Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was nice to chat and eat. My guy was clearly dopey after our time together, which I found adorable.

The dopiness started to wear off a couple of hours later. We were opening our fortune cookies. My guy likes to ask me how to pronounce the Chinese characters after he has read his fortune.

I finally got around to opening my fortune cookie. I am playful. I held it so that it looked like Pac-man. My guy smiled. He had taken his red fortune cookie wrapper and had tied a knot. I tried snatching it from him, but he kept on slapping my hand. Eventually, I had to show him that it was a bow. I put it on top of Pac-man and said it was Ms. Pac-man. He laughed and then apologized for slapping me.

I was also folding the cheap, wooden chopsticks wrapper to look like a paper star. Unfortunately, I needed more paper. At one point, my guy snatched the paper out of my hands and ripped it in half. I pouted like a little girl and said that he had destroyed my happy place.

My playfulness does pay off sometimes. He told me that I'd be in my happy place again. He had presents from Victoria's Secret.

I love my guy in that he is not afraid to go into such a store and pick out items for me. I don't mind if he gets assistance from someone at the store. It's thoughtful of him. He even remembered my bra and panty sizes.

Before we parted ways, he gave me my presents. I have a pretty push-up bra. I can't recall when I last had one. He got me one in purple, which is my favourite colour. It's from the Very Sexy collection in Purple Diva.

The panty is perfect, too. It's purple with black lace. It looks pretty comfortable. It's also called the lace-trim cheeky panty in Victorian Plum. It matches my personality. We'll see if it's the perfect panty to wear for a spanking.

My guy hoped that they will fit me. I am sure that they will. I told my guy that I couldn't wait to wear them. We're seeing each other tomorrow, so it all works out nicely.

I did try on the bra when I got home and it's wonderful. I feel so spoiled and happy.

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