Monday, August 26, 2013

Chatting, sweet kisses, and christening my car with a handjob

I got to work on Thursday and a software developer had hijacked my desk. Apparently, she has been having computer monitor issues and has been going to vacant cubicles to use the monitor.

Well, not only did she plug in her laptop into my monitor, she had a tea cup on my desk to the left, but she managed to have another drink, a half-eaten sandwich, her keys, cellphone, and headphones on the right side of my desk. In a way, this setup explains why I had taken a plunge to sit in my seat the other week. She is shorter than I am, so she had adjusted my chair. More importantly, it is plausible that I may have caught that bacteria that caused my scarlet fever rashes.

I basically unplugged her laptop and put it on her chair. My colleague rolled her chair back to her desk. As for her crap, I consolidated it on the right side of my desk and used many disinfectant wipes to get rid of everything. She came by half an hour later and apologized. I should hope so.

Part of me wants to complain. I ended up talking about it with my guy. He agrees that it wasn't the smartest move on her part. She should get a new monitor.

My guy is having a trying time with the folks in his seminar this week. They are nice, but he can't dislike them for asking time-wasting questions. My guy, like me, is a patient person. However, we have both had short fuses this week.

My guy is normally done his seminar discussions by 17:00. Today, he was delayed by nearly half an hour. He apologized. I was okay with that. He wanted some quality time today. I am at the tail-end of my time-of-the-month period, so we needed to focus on him.

I was driving slowly out of the parking lot at work and saw him. My car windows were down. He stopped next to my car. I pointed out that there was a car in the lot that was similar to his, except that this one was a convertible. He said that he was cheap. I nodded. We both smiled.

We got to our usual treehouse location. Unfortunately, this parking lot is being repaved. We decided to pull into an unpaved section that had yet to be worked on.

He got into my car. My car is just over a month old. I could tell that he wanted to christen it today.

So, we first talked about our day. We held hands. When he told me about how rough his day was, I kissed the back of his hand. He liked that.

My guy guided me to his crotch. His cock kept on getting harder and was getting more erect as I rubbed it. My guy loved it so much. He had no choice but to unbutton and unzip his trousers, and take his member out for me to handle.

It was nice to wrap my hand around his erect penis again.
"Miss me?" I asked him.
"I love you," he told me.
"I love you, too... and your cock."
I talked about how I loved jerking him off. I yearned to suck and lick his cock, having it in my mouth, where it should be. I then said that I would love it up my pussy, where it is home. I kept at jerking my guy off. He ejaculated. It was a wonderful moment, especially seeing him both dopey and content.

I told him how much I loved his gifts that he got me. He was so pleased. He always remarks that I am an excellent gift giver and that he is okay at it. I told him that he is equally great at getting me gifts. I have loved everything he has given me, especially his friendship and love.

My guy is off to Croatia and will be there all week. He promised that we'd talk on Skype.

I caressed his head with my hand. We talked some more. We kissed. It was sweet, but it meant so much.

Before we parted ways, I had a request.
"May I kiss you again?"
"Of course."
We kissed for a long, lengthy time. After our lips had separated, we both agreed that it was a sweet kiss.

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