Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Melatonin, stress, and gifts

My guy is in New Jersey all week for work. We've been together for nearly two years. He travels a lot. It doesn't get any easier when he's away. You'd think that I'd be better at it by now, but I do miss him.

We've talked about it. He has been good at making sure that we stay in touch when he is on the road. He wrote me a fairly long e-mail on Monday night. I could tell that he truly missed me. He sacrificed going out to shop. Instead, he preferred to write to me.

Tonight, we talked on Skype. As always, it was good to hear his voice.

I could hear him fiddling with a bottle.
"Are you taking your melatonin right now?" I asked him.
"Yes," he confirmed. "You know me too well. I feel naked."
I reassured him that it was all good. We talked a bit more.
"You sound tired or stressed," he pointed out.
"See, you read me like a book."
I proceeded to tell him how my soon-to-be-new manager was driving me crazy today. He had to conduct an interview with a candidate that I had already interviewed for an hour almost a month ago. He wanted me to be at work, treating this interview as if I had never met this guy before. Isn't that just absurd? Why waste my time just because this new manager could not admit that he was uncomfortable doing the interview on his own and absorbing the criteria that I had pointed out on what we're looking for in a candidate? Where's the common sense here?

It is good that I typically work from home on Tuesdays. I told him that I wasn't in the office today. That ended that e-mail exchange quickly. My guy agreed with my assessment of the situation. I felt better just venting and getting that support from him.

My guy is sweet. He went to Victoria's Secret and got me a pair of panties and a bra, both in my favourite colour. He playfully ranted that it was difficult finding a bra in purple, but he did find one. I was appreciative and told him that I couldn't wait to try them on. It's nice that my guy remembered what my bra and panty sizes are, too.

We are a playful couple. I went into girlie mode, saying that I was a good girl. He always says that I'm bad. He tried to convince me that I was bad, as he's always spanking me when we're together. He did complimented me, saying that I have an attractive butt.

He told me that there is one person in this seminar who looks like me. He told me that her similarities keeps him from sleeping in front of everyone. He reassured me that although she has similar features, my hands are prettier and that he only dreams about me. It's a weird, sweet thing for him to say. I knew what he meant.

He told me that he missed me. Normally, that is the first sentence that I say to him. It was nice that he said it first.

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