Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sharing advice and trying to feel better

On Saturday night, my guy and chatted for an hour on Skype. I described to him how I had to run a few errands throughout the day. I came back hours later with rashes on the tops of my thighs, as well as on the right side of my neck. I couldn't tell if it was a food allergy after having tried out a new bottle of chocolate and peanut butter spread (no sugar!) or if it was a bacterial reaction of some sort.

My guy and I chat about everything and are funny. He told me not to flash my thighs at any guy on the street. I told him that my rashes looked like tiny dots that were not itchy and that I'd try not to connect them in some artistic way. He told me to see whether my rashes get worste If they did, that I should go see a doctor.

The other night, we talked about our dads. Specifically, we talked about our relationships with our dads. My guy revealed that his dad fought demons and wasn't exactly close to him. However, I can tell that my guy loved him  (he passed on a decade ago). I told him that my dad and I don't have the closest father-daughter relationship, but it does work. My dad was also an alcoholic, which affected our family in many ways. My dad eventually did kick the habit.

My guy talked about debating whether he wants to get a 1972 Beetle again, which was his first car. He wanted to preserve his fond memories of owning that car. I told him that if he did purchase one, that he'd need to hold onto the fond memories and create new ones. I know that first hand. He liked that advice.

The thing was that we both strive not to go down that same path as others in our past. We have done pretty well so far. We just like going down our own path -- together.

We both agreed that we enjoy sex as much as chatting about everything. We trust each other. We are the best of friends. It's nice.

Getting back to my rashes, I woke up on Sunday morning and the rashes were the same on the tops of my thighs. However, the rashes were worse on my neck and down my decolletage. I immediately went looking for a walk-in clinic in my area that is open on a Sunday. I found one thirty minutes away in Richmond Hill that is open every day till midnight.

It was a fast process. I didn't spend more than an hour at the clinic, which I am not used to. I ended up being diagnosed with scarlet fever rashes. I don't have a fever so far, but I could develop one. I have sore, flushed cheeks, a sore throat, and classic symptoms of rashes. I am on antibiotics and have a cream prescribed to reduce the inflammation of my rashes.

Here's hoping that my face doesn't hurt so much (my facial muscles are tight due to my cheeks being so flush from scarlet fever) and that I am back to my regular self soon. I also hope that my backside will be sore like it should be sometime soon.

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