Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Friday night date and spanking

It has taken me quite some time to write this post. The Friday I am referring to was two Fridays ago.

My guy and I had another passing-like-ships-through-the-night experience on Friday, except that we were in the office. I got into the office and my guy wasn't there. He was likely helping out a new colleague. I had an impromptu meeting with one of my writing colleagues, which lasted an hour.

My guy and I finally saw each other and said hello. An hour later, he logged on to Skype. He wanted a proper dinner with me at our favourite Chinese restaurant. I was game.

I left work and waited for a long time for my guy to arrive in front of the restaurant. My guy apologized. He was booking his flight to New Jersey slated to take off on Sunday.

We had dinner. I had lollipop chicken, which was technically an appetizer, and hot and sour soup. My guy had the Manchurian chicken.

We chatted for quite some time at the restaurant. My guy talked about how he would be working from home more. It saddened me a bit. He reassured me that we'd working something out.

He said that working from home would allow him to get a more expensive car. Seeing him talk about a BMW was nice. His eyes lit up. He was so happy. He reminded me of a sweet, happy boy.

And, yes, he is boyish. He told me that I would never be able to drive a manual car in his fancy car. I teased him about it, which made us both laugh.

We ironed out a few minor issues, mainly my waiting for him. I even pointed out that I had to wait for him at the restaurant as he had to go to the washroom. He touched my back lovingly. He told me that he'd try and do better.

We left the restaurant and headed into our treehouse. He liked my new capri jean pants. He caressed my leg from top of my thigh to my ankle.

As always, we started off kissing. I made a joke about how he was still thinking about his car. He thought that I was jealous. I wasn't. He told me that I made him much happier than that car would. He is the king of smoothness.

I was wearing a grey shirt. He unbuttoned it and and played with my black bra strap. He caressed my breasts as we continued to kiss.

My guy told me that it was time for me to be punished. I playfully protested. It didn't work.

He used the wooden ruler across my backside. I still had my jeans on, which were fitted. He slapped my buttocks, the backs of my thighs, and my calves. I told him that his aim was bad, which prompted him to slap my butt even harder.

My guy warned me that he was going to undo my fly and zipper. I giggled, as it was ticklish. He proceeded to finger my pussy. I came soon afterwards. My guy didn't want to waste any time and made me come again.

He wanted to finger my backside. I told my guy that I wanted to take a breather. I needed him to hold me in his arms. So, he did just that and we laughed, telling each other dopey things.

He looked at me, and said that I was both beautiful and cute. He played with my hair and had his hands cupped on either side of my face. He kissed me. It was yummy.

My guy went ahead and fingered my backside with his thumb and worked his other four fingers up my pussy. Wow! The experience was incredibly intense. I came moments later.

I got up from his lap and kissed him. He had the wooden ruler and used it across my backside. It was enjoyable to kiss him and get whacked with the ruler.

My guy and I kissed. My hand naturally rested on his cock, which was hard. I told him that it would be over a week until I'd be able to touch it again. My guy agreed.

I went down and nuzzled his cock, rubbing my cheek against his jean-clad, hard member. He liked it. I went and playfully wrapped my lips up and down it. He asked me to bite it. Considering how thick jean material can be, I did just that. I could feel his cock expand. It was nice.

I had to pull out early, as I was beginning to drool. I didn't know how long it would take for a huge patch of saliva to dry, so I played it safe.

Normally, my guy unbuttons and unzips his jeans, and pulls down both his pants and briefs before I get to work on him. It was a memorable moment when I unbuckled his belt with my left, and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He took over by taking them and down and briefs. It was nice to see how erect his penis was.

I gave my guy a handjob. He adjusted my bra strap and shirt, exposing the former and pulling the latter off my shoulder. He played with my breasts. I continued to jerk him off. Moments later, he came all over his thigh and my right hand.

I took a photo of the end result on my hand. Both of us agreed that it was a nice momento.

We spent the next couple of hours talking. In a way, it seemed like we were trying to make up for the time that we'd be apart. However, we vowed that we'd chat on Skype as often as possible. He knows that I tend to go to bed late. He would be shopping after work and would love to chat afterwards.

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