Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dinner, belated birthday gifts, and laughs

I didn't have a particularly enjoyable end to my workday on Tuesday. My new manager was having a bad day and it showed in an e-mail that he wrote to me. He literally demanded to see me in his office the following afternoon. I was good with that.

Well, he was much calmer. Perhaps he is the type of person who is a jerk when he writes e-mails. Talking to him in-person is completely different. He wants me to manage the other three writers. It looks as though I will be getting a promotion and a raise. The only thing is that I have to start being in the office longer, mainly because one idiot of a manager claims that he can't find anyone on the documentation team. Really? There are four of us.

Anyway, I am good with all that. My manager is okay with my increasing my office hours slowly, as I am still recovering from back surgery and am waiting for my nerves to regenerate.

So, I had back-to-back meetings this afternoon. My first was obviously with my boss. My second one was a team meeting. By the time I was done, my guy was, too. He asked me on Skype whether I was ready to head over to our usual Chinese restaurant. I told him that I needed ten minutes. He was good.

My guy came up to his cubicle, but we didn't say anything. The junior writer had to ask me a question. The other new writer was asking my guy a question. From the corner of my eye, I saw him wearing his favourite black blazer from Winners. He looked good. He is indeed my tall, dark, and handsome guy.

He left our desk area first. I followed suit. We met in the parking lot at the restaurant and immediately started talking.

We both ordered chicken dishes. I loved the lemon chicken so much on Monday that I ordered it again.

My guy surprised me. He gave me my belated birthday gifts. He had told me that he was waiting for a special order in the mail. All I knew was that it was purple. My guy didn't bother gift-wrapping it, so my goodies came in a Wal-mart plastic bag, with both of them protected by packaging. He felt bad about the presentation. As for me, it doesn't really matter. It just means less fussing for me!

He wrote the sweetest thing on the first gift's wrapping paper that I got.

It was a mirror with two different magnifications on the other side of the regular hand-held mirror. At first, I said that it felt like a mirror. Then, I thought that perhaps it may be a paddle. For a moment, I got excited, but I love the berry-coloured mirror. I can use it to see how red my butt is after he smacks it. I can also magnify the damage!

The second gift was awesome. He knows that I have an iPad. He got me a purple leather case for it, which also has a purple Bluetooth keyboard. I was so thrilled and happy. I looked like a little girl hugging a doll, except that I am a geeky girl hugging an iPad accessory.

We talked. My guy made my day even brighter by saying that he will likely be in New Jersey for one of the weeks where I am doing training there. We are both hoping that it works out. It'll give us some time to have some more quality time together.

We reminisced about our trip to Stockholm and how he playfully took a wooden cutting board that had a map of the city to smack my backside. Memories flooded back of being at the Turkish Airlines lounge at Istanbul Airport (it is swanky), my crashing my first car rental in Europe, and my first purchase in that continent was feminine products. Yay!

The funny part was both of us cracking our fortune cookies open. His fortune said that he was clever. I had to disagree because he is always making up fake words. I grabbed his fortune and crumpled it up, which made us both laugh.

At one point, I missed his touch that I reached for his hand and squeezed it from across the table. He liked that. We held hands for a very long time. We both agreed that it felt good.

We walked up to the counter and my guy paid for dinner. I thanked him for dinner and the gifts. He thanked me for the company and my sweetness. We looked at each other lovingly. He reached for my hand. I love when he does that. We walked out of the restaurant that way.

As for my scarlet fever rashes, they are slowly dissipating. My guy says that I'm doing fine. He has never been afraid of touching me when I am sick. He told me that on Monday and it showed today, too.

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