Friday, August 23, 2013

Hockey, Paulina Gretzky's backside, and panties

I am a Canadian girl who loves watching hockey. Summers can feel long in that the season is done, which explains why I am more active outdoors, trying to keep busy before winter is here and I stay home to watch the game. Sometimes, I am nuts enough to take in a real game!

Recently, there have been stories about how it has 25 years since Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings from the Edmonton Oilers. He did shape the way folks there looked at hockey and how popular hockey is. He will always be the Great One.

One week later, his daughter, Paulina Gretzky, gets engaged. Congratulations!

I was watching an entertainment show on TV the other day and noticed that they were showing pictures of her. This one caught my eye. She has a perky, spankable backside. More importantly, I like the cut of her bikini bottoms.

I also think it's humourous for a guy to be looking that closely at a girl's backside. Again, she is in a decent spanking stance. However, what I like best about this picture is her bikini bottom. They are subtle ruffles that look like lace from afar. The cut is nice, too.

As for me, I would never be daring enough to wear these bikini bottoms in public. Rather, I like wearing panties that are similar in style and cut, and having my guy spank me with them on. Eventually, they come down one way or another!

I'm not sure whether my guy looks at my butt that closely, but he does tell me that he likes the view that he gets, especially when he is spanking me. He's sweet that way.

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