Monday, April 24, 2017

W is for waiting for a spanking #AtoZchallenge

My guy and I were to meet at 15:00 on Saturday, just after his course. I got to our usual location at exactly that time.

I would say that five minutes later, my guy parked next to my car. I got out of mine and we headed over to the treehouse.

My guy was exceptionally thoughtful and sweet. He had shaved his head. I love when he does, as caressing it feels great and it turns me on. He knew that I would love it. I appreciated it.

We kissed. He kissed my neck and face. I took off my peach sweater to reveal my new shirt. It has a couple of cutouts. It is a cold shoulder top that is comfortable. It's navy blue with white flowers. He loved it.

We hugged. His hands were cold, as usual.
"Even with your hands behind my back, I can still feel how cold your hands are," I remarked.
"You are such a bad girl. I need to punish you," he said, giving my backside a couple of swats.
I went over his knee.
"It's not my fault that your hands are cold," I protested.
"It doesn't matter. You're a bad girl," he said.
He first started spanking me over my short skirt. I liked it. He was feeling the backs of my thighs and giving me a few smacks. He then lifted my skirt up to reveal my lilac-coloured panties.

The smacks got harder. We always have fun exchanges.
"Bad girl," he said, giving me a smack.
"Good girl," I insisted, which got me another slap across my backside.
This conversation lasted for a bit. He then pretended to be annoyed with me and pulled down my panties.
"Oh, no. You must think that I'm really bad," I said.
"Of course," he said, spanking me even harder. "Are you going to behave?" he asked me.
"I already do," I replied.
"I don't think so," he said, giving me a smack.
"What's the right answer? I don't?" I replied, which prompted him to give me another smack with the same intensity.
There was no right or wrong answer. It didn't matter, which made us both laugh. I told him that it was unfair and that the smacks hurt. He acknowledged my comments and continued to spank me. He's such a fun meanie!

I enjoyed the long, hard spanking that I got. It was enjoyable. He paused to admire how pink my butt was and his fine work. He caressed my buttocks and continued spanking me. He finally stopped and pleasured me. It was so intense. I reached orgasm a couple of times. The second time made me rest across his lap for a bit.

As always, he pulled up my panties and pulled down my skirt. He then helped me up.

We cuddled for a bit. I then played with his hard member. Eventually, I unzipped and undid his jeans. I got to hold his erect penis for a bit before I kissed, licked, and sucked it.

My guy was in heaven. He came hard. He was so lethargic afterwards. We cleaned up and then took a brief nap in each other's arms.

It was a wonderful time in the treehouse.


  1. So happy you two were able to connect and had a good treehouse time, CB. Oh and you are his Naughty Geeky Girl. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! It was a fun time had by all, especially for this Naughty Geeky Girl (the nickname has a lovely ring to it).

  2. Very much enjoyed all the vivid details, could picture the entire encounter. Can also imagine the various pleasant sensations that remained afterward, including your pink and radiating butt. :)

    1. Thanks, Styxman! It was a great day for a hard spanking. My guy definitely enjoyed spanking me. He even commented on how cute and pink my butt looked. =)

  3. Can imagine the sound of his hand smacking your cute butt reverberating inside the "treehouse." And the pinkness and your please growing with each sweet smack. So many elements go into making spanking exciting and arousing.