Friday, November 06, 2015

Teasing my guy about driving his new car and being bad

Last Tuesday, my guy and I walked to his new car, so he could drive us to our usual restaurant by our workplace for lunch.
"You're supposed to be on the passenger side of the car. I'm driving," I teased him.
"No! Nice try," my guy said.
To recap, my guy recently got a pre-owned manual car. He will not let me drive it, even if I get lessons to successfully learn how to drive a manual car. He's extremely protect of his prized possession. I love to tease him about it.

Although my guy won't let me drive it, he did tell me how the gear numbers work. His car only goes up to gear 6.
"What if I can't count?" I teased, being the one who has a minor in mathematics.
''Here, let me show you how it works," he said, placing my hand on the stick shift, and his hand guiding mine as he shifted gears a few times.
"I like this a lot," I said, smiling at him.
"I do, too."
Of course, I had to tease him some more.
"What if I want a gear of 8?" I asked him.
"My car only goes to 6," he stated.
"But, I want 8. Can you customize that for me?" I teased him.
"You can drive a big rig. It goes up to gear 12 or something."
We had lunch together. It was yummy. The company was, too.

When we walked back to his car, I continued teasing him.
"Give me your car keys. I can drive us back," I said, grinning at him.
"Nope," he replied.
"I will be careful," I said, batting my eyes.
"You should be careful. I may have to bend you over and spank you now."
It's wonderful when my teasing helps get me into trouble.


  1. I'm sure your guy can give you a taste of trouble...


    1. You are so right, Han. And, we both like it. =)