Monday, November 30, 2015

A doll that looks like my guy to cuddle up to

In a conversation with my guy yesterday, I brought up the idea of having a doll version of my guy. Sometimes, I miss him so much that it would be nice to cuddle up next to such a plush doll. It wouldn't be for sexual pleasure, so I'm not even thinking about a blow-up doll. 
"The doll needs to have a uniform head like yours," I indicated.
"Which version of me would you have? The shaved head version or the one with hair?" my guy asked curiously.
"Both," I replied. "By default, the doll would have a clean-shaven head. If I want hair on your mini-you, I could put hair on top. If I wanted it off, I would rip off the velcro hair."
My guy liked the idea, except when I simulated the sound of quickly removing the velcro hair from his doll's head.

Obviously, I need to think this idea through some more before I make a prototype!


  1. My eldest daughter draw on a body pillow a likeness of her guy so when he wasn't around she still had him to cuddle up to. sounds like a wonderful idea.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. That's a wonderful idea! It's easier to draw him on a pillowcase. I love it! Thanks for sharing, Lindy!

  2. I have a body pillow I sleep with. After I met Matthew, I took one of his shirts he'd worn and put it on the pillow so that when I cuddled with it, I could smell him. Still have the shirt but unfortunately, I can't smell his scent anymore. Really do like your idea...looking forward to your prototype. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I need to ask for a shirt from my guy. I love your suggestion, Cat! The scent makes a ton of sense.