Thursday, November 05, 2015

Brown M&M's image on my cell phone's lock screen and legs

I am a fan of the M&M's characters. It made sense to me to have a new M&M's wallpaper for my new cell phone's lock screen. I decided to use this one, courtesy of M&M's:

I showed my guy the photo at lunch the other day, which sparked this conversation:
"I like this photo. She reminds me of me. I have the same type of glasses. I also like going to Starbucks," I told my guy.
"Yes. You are also sophisticated and stylish like she is," my guy explained.
"Really? Are you sure that you have the right girl?" I asked him.
"I am positive," my guy replied. "You have nicer legs that she does, though."
My guy is sweeter than the candy-coated chocolate that never melts in your hands.


  1. I'm not much of a chocolate fan, including the M&M, brown or other colours... But I am sure your guy is right...