Sunday, November 22, 2015

My guy and his quest to find his car daily

My guy is pretty good at practically everything that he does. Naturally, there are exceptions to everything. In his case, he is horrible at directions and finding where he parked his car.

I tend to cringe whenever we go to the parking lot at work. He is kind to offer to drive, but he often does not know where he parked his car.

Monday's issue was my guy figuring out whether he had parked in the lower lot or the top one. We started going upstairs and it clicked that he had parked downstairs.

The rest of the week, he got the parking lot level correct. The specific part of the lot was problematic.

On Tuesday, I asked where he had parked. He stopped and told me that he had parked "somewhere over there." I basically rested my forehead against his back and told him that we'd never have lunch. He laughed. He went with pressing the lock button on his car's remote and guided us to the sound of his car.

Thursday was amusing. I asked him where he had parked. He stood there, pointed where he thought he had parked, but he was standing right in front of his car.

I have mentioned various phone apps to him where you can save your parking location and easily find it when you need it. I will need to convince my guy to give at least one of them a try. I can't have him walk aimlessly around a large mall now that the Christmas shopping season is in full gear.


  1. ROFLMBO! That sounds so familiar CB! I park in the same area whenever I go to the grocery store so I can remember sorta where I parked my car. I had my old car for 16 years and it did not have a remote door opener/alarm. Do have one on my new car but still need to be in the area. Has been really rough to find my car after 16 years of the same one! Once, I couldn't find my car in a shopping mall parking lot and had to wait until the mall was closing and clearing out in order to find it. *sigh* It is much worse when I have to travel for work and am driving a rental! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You're right. You and my guy are probably connected in a previously lifetime. I wish that he would park in the same vicinity, but he isn't as skilled as you!

      My friends still remember my blue car. When I pick them up, they are always looking for a blue car, but I now drive a grey one. It's amusing.

      I seem to be blessed with remember where I have parked my car. Folks with me don't even bother remembering with me, because they take it for granted that I know where my car is. Perhaps I should freak them out one day by saying that I don't recall... lol