Sunday, November 01, 2015

Woolly mammoth requests treehouse time

On Thursday, after my guy had paid for our lunch, we waited as his students paid for their meals.

My guy and I decided to catch up:
"Did you wear a coat today?" I asked him, admiring his dress shirt, sweater, and jacket combination.
"I didn't. My sweater is wool and so is my jacket. I'm a woolly mammoth today," he said, smiling.
"You don't look like a mammoth to me. You don't have any tusks," I remarked.
"I have one tusk. It is also hard," my guy said, grinning. "It needs polishing."
We also talked about Sharky, one of my project managers at work. On Monday, he saw me get off the elevator and say hi to my guy, who was waiting in the lobby for me. Sharky has a thing for me, which both my guy and I know about, but he has an odd way of dealing with it.

When I am talking with my manager and the conversation is humourous, Sharky has the need to come in and be a part of the conversation. It happened on Tuesday.

My guy and I were outside with a number of male students, figuring out the car-pooling arrangements to the Middle Eastern restaurant, Sharky came over and made small talk with my guy, who is equally as good at that as I am.

While we were still waiting for the remaining students to pay for their meals, we remarked how unusual it was for Sharky to talk to my guy.
"He has never done that with me," my guy told me.
"I know. It's a strange jealousy thing that he has," I observed.
"You're right. He does like you, but obviously isn't doing anything directly about it."
"It's creepy," I remarked.
"It's okay. It is only creepy if he touches you. I won't let him," my guy said.
"You're sweet," I remarked, smiling at him.
"After work, can we have some treehouse time?" my guy asked.
"Of course," I replied enthusiastically.
It is always great to look forward to treehouse time at the end of the day, especially after a long workday.


  1. I like your guy's sense of humor...woolly mammoth. ;) You two are so cute with treehouse time...I'm sure you've probably explained it before I started following you but if you wouldn't mind explaining again...where did 'treehouse time' come from?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He has a wonderful sense of humour.

      Treehouse time was dubbed by me. My guy's old car, which he is trying to sell these days, is a two-door vehicle. When we would have quality time in his car, I felt like I was climbing into a treehouse, where only we were allowed to go there for fun. So, we've dubbed the backseat of his car to be the treehouse.

      We then moved to using my car as the treehouse, as mine has four doors. It's easier for us to get in and out of my car. I also have leather seats, which makes cleaning the upholstery much easier when there are messes... lol!

  2. I can understand why the creepy guy gets smitten by you, but take care of yourself, girl with the naughty name.

    Wishing nice treehouse time, LOL,

    1. I will be careful, Han. My guy is pretty protective of me, even though he doesn't feel threatened by Sharky.

      Treehouse time was terrific! More about that later. =)