Saturday, November 21, 2015

Quality time after work - part 2

As nice as it was resting in my guy's arms after he had made me reach orgasm, I wanted to be spanked.
"Come across my lap," my guy stated in my ear.
"But, I want to sleep," I said.
"You can sleep after I have spanked you," he replied, as I went over his knee.
"Will this spanking hurt?" I asked him playfully.
"Of course, it will," he stated factually.
The punishment began. He had lifted my skirt and my black lacy panties were already down my ankles. He spanked each buttock hard with his bare hand. He said that I was a bad girl who has escaped a sound spanking for a while.
"But, I'm a good girl," I protested, as he continued giving each buttock a number of hard smacks.
"You are never a good girl. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to punish you at all."
My backside was starting to smart. I covered as much as my butt as I could with my left hand.
"Move your beautiful hand," he said.
"It hurts, though," I whined.
My guy removed my hand and spanked me some more. He tested to see how wet I was. I was extremely lubricated. He fingered me as I came. I then rested over his lap for a bit.

Eventually, I managed to lift myself off his lap and sit next to him. He cuddled and kissed me. I held him tight.

My right hand then grazed my guy's member, which was hard in his pants. I continued to stroke it for a bit, before I decided to unzip his pants. He helped unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants.

I rubbed my cheek against his hard cock. I then wrapped my teeth around it and gently started biting his erect penis. He loved how that felt. He couldn't stand it anymore. His underwear and pants came off. I then started giving him a handjob.

It was a different handjob today. My right hand was doing the usual work. My left hand was playing with his balls. My left hand's middle finger was playing with my guy's butthole. He liked that my pretty finger was fingering him as I jerked him off.

He came all over my hand. He was so lethargic afterwards that he started to sing. It was sweet.

We cleaned up. We cuddled some more. It was a perfect day.


  1. You two are so cute CB...have you ever gotten caught by anyone when you were enjoying treehouse time? Too bad you live so far apart.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It is a shame that we live far apart, but treehouse time works for us. So, we're thankful!

      We were sort of caught once. I was giving him a handjob in the front seat of his car at our old treehouse location. There was parking lot paving happening and a guy told us to move. I don't think that he saw much. My guy had a long wool coat on and I managed to release his member before the guy came over. So, we still have a pretty good record... haha!