Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Treehouse time and my bare butt on display

Last Thursday, my guy asked if we could have treehouse time after work. I was fine with that. He was happy about it, too.

I was in a 2.5-hour work meeting that ended at 17:30. It was good timing, as my guy's class ended ten minutes after that.

He sent me an instant message, asking if I was ready to go. I was. Oddly, he took the elevator up to my office floor as I was leaving. I suppose that the men's washroom on his floor was out of service.

I met him at our usual parking lot these days. The lot belongs to a church, which is different.

My guy got there about five minutes after I had arrived. We proceeded to get into the backseat of my car.

We hugged and kissed. It seemed like ages since our lips locked. It felt wonderful.

He unzipped my blue jacket. He caressed my breasts. I caressed the back of his head and chest as we continued to kiss.

He found the button on my purple jeggings and undid them. I had to intervene.
"My jeggings don't have a zipper," I warned him.
"That's okay. How about this?"
My guy pulled both my jeggings and underwear off. He's so bad, but in a good way. His hands were cold. I started to giggle, as they made me ticklish.
"You can't pleasure me with your cold hands!" I exclaimed, holding both of them in my hands to try and warm them up.
"I know they're cold, sweetie. Please warm them up."
I held them for a while. They still felt too cold. Instead, my guy went for a blue latex glove from my glove stash, slipped it on, and pleasured me until I came. It felt so good. I was lethargic afterwards.

He let me lean against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me. I kissed his forehead. I also played with my crotch. His penis wasn't erect when I first touched it. However, after rubbing it for a couple of minutes, I could feel it getting longer and harder in his pants.

He couldn't contain himself any longer. He unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down. I got to give my guy a handjob.

He ejaculated a lot. It was to the point where his semen dripped down past my wrist. It felt good. He obviously felt good, too.

We cleaned up and hugged for a bit. I had trouble pulling my jeggings up, so I had to stand up in the treehouse, which meant that anyone could be looking at my backside.
"If someone does get a glimpse of your cute bare butt, that person would be lucky to see it," my guy said.
He's sweet, as usual.


  1. Oh, oh, nice treehouse time again, I would say... I think you are both very sweet and kind people..


    1. Thanks, Han. Treehouse time is sweet, especially with someone sweet!

    2. Wondering why you are limited to playing in cars. Nothing wrong with that. But as as a steady diet it makes me wonder.

    3. Thanks for visiting OBB.

      In a past post, I make mention to why we have quality time in cars. The short answer is that we both have roughly a 1.5-hour commute by car to the office in completely opposite directions. In other words, the office is equidistant.

      We also can't have quality time at the office, because all meeting rooms do not have locks on them, we have a lot of security cameras around, and each room has glass windows. So, having some fun at work would not be private.

      Hope this brief explanation helps. We don't find it limiting at all in our treehouse. Sorry if you think that it's a restriction, but we find it cozy, fun, and ours.