Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quality time after work - part 1

Just before 17:30 on Monday, I pinged my guy on our corporate instant messaging system. He was ready to leave work. I was, too.

We met at our usual parking lot. It's ideal. It's quiet and it's away from all the major rush hour congestion.

I took a bit longer to get there. I had to find a skirt, which I had in my car's trunk, neatly folded in a plastic bag.

My guy opened the passenger side of my car. He liked the sight of my wearing a short skirt. He was happy.

We got into the backseat of my car. As expected, he had cold hands. His running them down the sides of my body made me ticklish. Instead, I held them in my hands as we kissed.

When his hands did warm up, he looked down my cardigan and liked the black bra that I was wearing. He unbuttoned my sweater.
"How many buttons do you have?" he asked me, almost wanting to tear the sweater off my body.
"You bought it for me, you know" I replied.
An interesting point to make is that he was wearing the striped brown and white shirt that I had bought for him in Las Vegas. I was wearing the sweater that he bought for me at Winners.

He took my right breast out of my bra and started sucking on my nipple, which became instantly hard. He then caressed my crotch, enjoying the lacy black panties that I had on. I was so excited. Moments later, I came.

My guy pulled down my panties. He made me spread my legs. He liked that my pubic hair was nicely trimmed. It was the first time that he went down on me. He started kissing my thighs, then my vagina, and then my hard clit. It was incredible. I came yet again.

Of course, he wasn't finished with me. He decided to finger me in both cavities until I came yet again. I was extremely lethargic and happy.

I got to rest in his arms for a bit. He kissed me and held me. It was nice.

Naturally, there's more to our evening in the treehouse. More in a bit!


  1. Wow two are sure making up for lost time aren't ya. ;) Happy you enjoyed your reunion. Looking forward to reading part 2!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. The reunion has been wonderful! We are definitely making up for lost time these days. It's fun. =)