Monday, June 20, 2016

Treehouse time before taking off (the plane, I mean)

After lunch, my guy wanted some quality time before we headed off to the airport. The downside is that my guy ends up being incredibly dopey when boarding his plane, which was the case a few months ago.

He didn't care. He was horny.

I drove us over to our usual place, which is a vacant parking lot. I parked my car and we got into the treehouse.

My guy held both hands around my right hand. He was loving and horny.

We kissed. It felt like ages since we passionately kissed. He caressed my breast and leg. I got to touch is face, which was smooth. I also got to caress his chest.

He unbuttoned my jean capri pants and pulled down my black panties with coloured polka dots. He fingered me until I came.

It felt wonderful reaching orgasm. We cuddled for a bit.

I then touched his lap. I ended up touching both his wallet and his erect cock in his pants.

I stroked his erect penis. He loved it so much, looking down at his jeans with my hand on it.

He couldn't take it anymore. He undid his belt, and pulled down his jeans and briefs. I got to give him a handjob.
"I like your hand around my cock. You have pretty hands," he remarked.
"It would be nice if my hand were to guide your hard member in my wet pussy," I replied.
It didn't take much. That comment alone made him cum all over my hand.

Yes, he was happy and lethargic. The next challenge was getting him to the airport and having him find his gate!

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