Wednesday, June 08, 2016

My guy called me a good girl... for a brief moment, but I'll take it!

I got my first fitness tracker, a Fitbit One, three years ago. I loved it.

I recently retired my Fitbit One for a Pebble Time Round smartwatch. I didn't think that I'd wear a watch again, but this one looks stylish and feminine. It is also practical.

As far as workouts go, I tend to exercise in my basement, where I have a glider, free weights, and a mini trampoline.

This evening, my guy texted me on Skype. He is still in Mexico City, so our time difference is only an hour. I told him that I was exercising. He was okay chatting with me while sounding winded.

I had finished working out. He could tell because I was drinking water.
"You're done working out, exercise girl?" he asked me.
"Yep, I finally am," I replied.
"How many steps did you do today?" he asked me.
"10,280," I read off my watch.
"Good girl," he said.
Hey, he called me a good girl! I pointed that out to him.
"You're only a good girl for reaching that step goal. You're bad otherwise," he corrected himself.
"You said that I'm a good girl. Yay!"
It truly is fun teasing him.

My guy remembered my telling him that I bought a mini trampoline a few months ago. You can get quite the cardio workout on it.
"I picture you wearing a short skirt and bouncing on it, letting me see your cute butt in a nice pair of panties," my guy visualized.
"That's sweet and it's so you," I said, smiling.
That's my guy.


  1. Love it! And he didn't clarify that "good girl" comment when he said it, so I'm with you, you're a good girl, he said so himself! ;)

    1. Exactly! He admitted that I am a good girl, so I am. =)

  2. Well, girl with the naughty name, you got a taste of being a good girl for a second. I like to think that a good girl can be rewarded with plenty of spanks as well...


    1. You're right. I probably have a number of spankings headed my way. =)

  3. LOL CB...I agree with Lilli, he didn't clarify so I would definitely bask in that good girl. I've often thought about getting a mini trampoline but I'm such a clutz, I'd probably break my neck...or at least my leg. LOL Hope you fulfill your guy's fantasy soon. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. LOL! The mini trampoline is pretty safe. There is a handrail if you need it. It's fun and you get a great cardio workout. I haven't tried bouncing on it with a short skirt yet. =)