Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I work with a few idiots, but I love a sweet guy who wants to spank me

There are some folks at work who are difficult to work with. I have mentioned this issue in a recent post, but there are two colleagues that are annoying these days:

  • A project manager who comes to her own conclusions about me, despite the fact that I have met every tight deadline. She hints that I am jeopardizing teams in which I belong. Yet, she holds a grudge against me for some reason and can't absorb the facts out there.
  • A software developer who insists that I was given a design document to read at the same time as the rest of the team. He also insists that I should continue to ask all developers whether there is work for me to do, rather than the reverse of having developers tell me what they are working on.
It's frustrating. However, it made me realize just how immature they are. I don't want to be like that. Corrupt. Evil. Count me out.

My manager has been a good champion. He fully believes me and my struggle to do my job. After all, why would I lie about that?

I told my guy about it on Skype. He told me to just do what I do. He reinforced that I am an excellent writer and that they are jerks.

He knows how to make me feel better.

Of course, I nagged him about driving his car.
"I should have driven your car after I had taken your keys," I admitted.
"If you had done that, I would spank you hard for doing that," he told me.
"But, I am your good girl," I pleaded.
"You need a lot of punishment, which I am happy to dish out when I see you in a couple of days," he stated firmly.
"That's not good. I'll be sitting on a plane the following day with a sore butt," I reasoned.
"Good," he replied.
"You are such a Mr Meanie!" I exclaimed.
"That's my job," he said, probably grinning.
He's sweet.


  1. I think there is nothing nicer than sitting in a car, bus, train or plane with a sore bottom.


    1. So true. It's a nice reminder of how much he loves me.

  2. Huzzah's for those folks who do their jobs.

    1. Thanks! Things are improving a bit. I just need to steer clear of toxic folks at work.