Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Appointments, work, an incompetent co-worker, and my guy

This week is one of those weeks. Three different medical appointments take place within four days.

Well, on Monday, I went to the lab to do bloodwork. On Wednesday, I am back at the dentist's office to fix a filling. On Thursday, I am leaving work early to go see my family doctor about my bloodwork results. So much fun!

I had hoped to book an appointment to see the doctor on Friday. That way, I would have been able to have lunch with my guy, take him to the airport, and then drive to my doctor's appointment. I would basically start my weekend early. Instead, I will do all that with my guy and return to the office.

Hey, it could be worse. I am thrilled to see my guy and to spend some time with him.

For now, things at work are good. The interns are coming along nicely with their work. I decided to arrange a farewell lunch for the incompetent writer. Unfortunately, I have had to ask her where she would like to go for lunch. She is incredibly indecisive, but I finally got an answer from her.

As for incompetent writer's workload, it is thankfully not going to me after she leaves the company. Instead, a writer who transferred from another country will take over. I have full confidence that this writer will do a decent job. She is a quick learner and tries her best. You don't see any of that with the incompetent writer.

I had a talk with a friend today about this writer who is about to leave. I feel that any writer can fill her shoes and probably do a much better job than she has. Most of the time, I feel sad when a writer leaves. I don't with her. She is replaceable, which I don't say often about anyone I have worked with.

I truly feel bad for her new employer. Her new manager and colleagues will inherit the issues that this writer has shown while at my workplace. She isn't there for a career. She's there to collect a paycheque and leave promptly when it's quitting time. To me, this attitude that she possesses is sad.

Her attitude is toxic. Being around her is toxic. I wish that next Tuesday were here, which will be her last day with the company.

I trained her roughly 2.5 years ago and had high expectations. They fell short. All I can do is wish her the best. However, I don't want to ever cross paths with her again professionally or otherwise.

I don't normally have these feelings towards co-workers. This experience is a first. It will be nice to be less frustrated seeing her struggle to understand what she is doing.

In the meantime, i am looking forward to Friday and seeing my guy.


  1. Quit beating yourself up because the person you trained failed to retain and/or act upon what I am sure was excellent training. People with that kind of attitude are untrainable. Just think how much the atmosphere in your office will will be like walking in to a brand new office. Sending lots of positive energy for all your doctor visits. Have a great lunch visit with your guy!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You make perfect sense, Cat. You are right that she is untrainable. Frankly, she was a waste of time to training because she fails to absorb information that she needs to do her job.

      My doctor visits went well! I am looking forward to seeing my guy today. =)