Thursday, June 30, 2016

Preparing for vacation, memories, and a sore bottom

The week has been hectic and full of drama at work. Away from work, all is well. I am packing for my vacation that starts on Friday.

I am returning to a city that I used to call home. I haven't been back for nearly five years. I injured my back when I last visited. I saw my ex-husband for the last time then, too.

I miss the city. Even though I had some bad experiences being married to the ex-husband, I still have friends who are there, and places that I want to revisit and explore.

I will be flying into an airport that has been completely revamped. Perhaps it's a sign that I am embracing various changes in my life. I still have that excitement to see new places and things.

So, if I do have a chance to write, I will while I am on vacation. I deserve some time away from work, but we'll see how busy I get as a tourist.

My guy returns home late in the morning on Thursday. It'll be nice to hug and kiss him, have a lunch date with him, and end up with a sore backside afterwards.


  1. Always good to go back home and sounds like you will get a good spanking when your guy returns.