Friday, June 10, 2016

Funny, clever, and bad -- that's me!

My guy is nearing the end of his business trip. He flies back home from Mexico on Saturday. I get to see him in less that a week's time. He is away for a few days to recuperate, which makes perfect sense after having been on the road for a month.

We have fun conversations.
"I admitted that your being the CBO (Cheap Bastard Officer) of your CB club was both clever and funny," I replied.
"Okay, so you can admit that some things that I say are clever and funny," he said, in an approving tone.
"Yes. I can also admit that I am a good girl," I replied, teasing him.
"Ah, no. You are far from that," he insisted.
"Sure, I am. My nickname is good girl," I replied.
"No, your nickname is bad girl. It will always be bad girl," he stated.
"I'm not a bad girl. My butt isn't sore. I haven't been spanked for a while, so I must be good," I reasoned.
"You're lucky. I have been absent. Otherwise, I would spank you like there were no tomorrow," he insisted.
He's sweet. He knows how to make a girl smile.


  1. LOL CB...the only reason your butt isn't sore is because your guy hasn't been around for a while. Wait until he recuperates from his travels. ;) Oh wasn't your name changed to Naughty Geeky Girl? *snicker*

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. His reasoning is the same as yours, Cat. You both are truly related. =)

  2. haha.. i'm convinced that being a bad girl is good :) hope you get your spanks soon!

    1. I agree. It's good and fun to be a bad girl. =)