Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Snatching his car keys while he's dopey

The other day, after my guy had ejaculated hard in the treehouse, he sat there all dopey. He's sweet that way.

I playfully managed to reach over and take his car keys out of his right pocket of his jeans. I now know how I can drive his manual car. All I need to do is make him reach orgasm and then make my move.
"Hey, give me back my keys!" he said in a sleepy tone.
"I get to drive your car. Yay!" I teased.
"You are taking advantage of me when I can't do anything," he admitted.
"I like it," I said, smiling.
It really is fun teasing him. The next challenge was to get him to the airport and have him stand up on his own.

I did manage to drive him over there. He slowly started sobering up.
"Give me back my keys," he said to him once I was parked on the departures level.
"Okay," I said, holding out the keys, but then taking them away when he went to grab them.
I did give them back.
"See, I am a good girl," I stated proudly.
"You are never a good girl. I will spank you hard when I return," he promised.
We got his luggage out of my car's trunk. He embraced and kissed.

My guy is in Dubai for nearly two weeks. He's halfway done, so it's not as bad as it sounds.


  1. Well, dopey is always a good time for us girls to get away with anything! LOL

    1. I totally agree! I should have taken advantage of this situation sooner. =)