Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lunch and quality spanking time

My workweek last week deviated from the norm, mainly because I had to conduct an interview and come in on Thursday for a luncheon. I told my guy that I'd come fetch him from the training room and drive over to the buffet-style restaurant for lunch. He was good.

My guy looked tired when I saw him at 12:30 pm. He told me that he had been spending his lunch hour every day in his car, napping. He asked that I drive him over there. I was perfectly fine with this plan. He got to ride in my new car. I got to put my hand on his lap.

Lunch was fun. We had good company and it was nice to entertain a colleague who was here from New Jersey. My guy and I are like a comedy duo when we're together. I am glad that everyone at the table had an enjoyable time.

I drove my guy back to the office. I couldn't help but caress his head after I had parked.
"There will be plenty of time for that later, sweetness," he said, smiling at me.
"I know, sweetie. I just couldn't resist."
We both worked for over three hours straight. It was a decent, productive afternoon. My guy logged on to Skype and asked if I was ready to have some quality time. I was. He was, too.

We met in the treehouse. I had a linen, pale blue skirt on. I ceremoniously handed him my wooden ruler.

My guy looked at my sandals. I had told him in the past that I needed to get rid of them. He suggested that he take them off my feet and have me drive home without them. I told him that driving barefoot wouldn't be good for me. He agreed, but told me not to wear them again.
"How have you been?" he asked me after we had briefly stopped kissing.
"I'm good, but you always think I'm bad," I replied.
"You are always bad," he told me, slipping his hand under my butt and pinching my left buttock hard.
"Is this your way of telling me to bend over?"
"Yes, you need to bed over so I can give you a bad girl spanking," he replied.
I was on my hands and knees, about to go over his lap. He couldn't wait to spank me. He gave me several smacks with his hand. I was instantly aroused. I then obediently went over his lap.

He used the wooden ruler across my backside, briefly protected by my lilac lacy panties and skirt. He lifted my skirt up and continued slapping my butt with the ruler, while telling me that I will always be his bad girl. I loved it.

My panties were lowered. He played a number game by taking turns inserting a finger in my wet pussy. By the time he was done, he had four fingers up my pussy and his thumb fingering my butt. I came several times during this fine game. All of them were satisfying. I was incredibly dopey by the end of it and had to snuggle up against him afterwards. I was so sweaty. He just continued to sweetly smile at me while holding me in a loving embrace.

My guy then played the hands-on-tummy game. He gets a big kick out of how uncomfortable a ticklish girl like me gets with his hand moving about on my tummy. It's a tickling session, really.

I did manage to rub his cock, which was hard under his pants. However, I could tell that he was enjoying pleasuring me more. He was okay with focusing on me.

We talked about cars. My guy prefers driving a manual car. I don't know how to drive one. My guy has offered to teach me once he gets a manual car again.
"Will you yell at me when your car stalls after I mess up shifting gears?" I asked him.
"No, I would never yell at you during the lessons," he assured me. "After each lesson, I'd spank you for messing up. You'd feel the soreness the next time you have another driving lesson with me."
My guy certainly has a way with words. Learning how to drive a manual car couldn't come any sooner.

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