Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Transfering music from Google Music to YouTube Music

Plans for Google Music to become YouTube music have been in the works for at least a year. I have been a fan of the former for a while and have a subscription. I like that I can upload my entire iTunes library to Google Music and storage is free.

Yesterday, I got word to transfer my music from Google Music over to YouTube Music. I have a lot of music. It has been transferring for over six hours. It's down to the last task, which is to transfer uploads and purchases. This final task also happens to be the largest.

I started this task on my work laptop. I stopped it and it's now running on my Mac mini. I'll have it run overnight and see how it's doing when I wake up.

My Tuesday started early. I had a conference call at 7 am that lasted four hours. It was nice calling it a day just past 3:30 pm.

The downside is that I'm ready for bed now.

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