Thursday, June 11, 2020

Panic attack - take 2

I thought that my panic attack would go away after fixing various problems that diva lady had introduced at work on Tuesday. After I fixed a few of them, I still felt tense.

My panic attack has eased a bit, but it's something else that is causing it. I dislike trying to do detective work to figure it out. Sometimes, it's not all that obvious to me.

I'm thinking now that it's the uncertainty that I had volunteered to pitch in and help diva woman with her activities, because her pace is slow to complete them and my manager doesn't have complete faith in her.

Panic is setting in because I am expecting a wave of work next week. It happens to coincide with our software release work. I have let my boss know. He said that diva would roll out a plan either last Friday or this past Monday. I haven't heard a thing.

It's the silliness of uncertainty that is causing my panic attack. Considering that I have experienced worse in the past, I feel that not knowing what diva is up to is causing my anxiety. She has no plan.

So, I just need to work with what I do know. I have work to do and I'll take things a day at a time.


  1. My advice is to have confidence in yourself. You've shown yourself to be competent. Whatever the other person does, just focus on doing the best you can. It's important to keep a clear boundary between your responsibilities and theirs.

    If I need to focus sometimes I use a chant. Chants are good for focusing the mind. Just look for one that "speaks" to you.

    In situations where it's hard to meditate, a chant can address many of the same issues.

    1. I appreciate your advice, RP. I have been doing deep breaths, which have been helpful. I will give chanting a try.

      I used to have an app that helped me meditate and calm my mind. I may need to install it again.

      You are right. I need to focus on me, which was what I used to do. Task changes have shifted my mindset a bit.

  2. I know it may not help everyone, but i always carry a can of Bach Rescue Remedy pastilles in my bag for sudden stress attacks.

    You can find read about it HERE if you've not heard of it

    1. Thanks so much, Fondles! I have never heard of Bach Rescue Remedy! I will definitely check it out. I appreciate the Canadian link, too. =)