Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Businesses come and go

I feel for businesses during this pandemic. I do takeout twice a week to support them. I hope that they remain open by the time this pandemic is over.

The sad news is that I have seen many of my favourite businesses close for good. A cupcake place that had four locations in the greater Toronto area is down to one. A ramen place that opened a year ago is now gone for good.

I am fortunate to be able to work from home and continue to earn an income. Not everyone has that option or has it as good.

There is the odd resurrection happening, though. That ramen place that shut down after a year? It is now a Hong Kong-style eatery. It just opened for business.

I hope to visit it this week, to say goodbye to the ramen place that once stood there and to say hello to a new eatery that I hope will stick around for a bit.


  1. Many of our restaurants and cafes have also announced they are closing. sadly, no new ones seem to be popping up in their place. I hope the HK style eatery is to your liking :)

    1. It's sad to see these businesses close for good and the stores remain vacant. I am looking forward to trying this Hong Kong-style eatery a try and see if I end up craving the food all the time!