Thursday, June 04, 2020

Drugstore to get clarifying shampoo

I go out on Wednesdays after work to get groceries and takeout. For a while, I have passed by a fairly new drug store. I have meant to drop by and finally did after I got groceries last night.

It's nice. There were a grand total of two customers in there. The two employees were happy to see me. One of them was great in telling me where the shampoo aisle was.

My hair has been falling out more than it usually does. I have a feeling that it's a combination of its regular hair cycle and the stress that I have endured at work for the past couple of weeks.

I needed a clarifying shampoo. The ones that I am currently using cause my scalp to itch. I finally got some at this drug store. I was thrilled that it was on sale, too.

I loved how friendly staff were. I liked the selection. I'm glad that I finally stopped by.

Here's hoping that the clarifying shampoo works.

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