Saturday, June 06, 2020

Just went I thought I was out, I'm back in

It's funny how my previous post described two people who have taken over a portion of my workload. We'll, I'm returning to that world to help them out for the next two weeks.

The woman, who took half my duties, cannot handle the next three software releases. When she first started out with the company, I nicknamed her the diva because she has that vibe. I see it again. So, I will be pulled in for a bit, along with the incompetent woman.

I dislike bailing people out because they are incompetent. Ugh!

Frankly, my manager is worried that these two people can't pull off our major release. I have been told that I won't be there 50% of the time. I pointed out to my manager that I have regular development work that I can't let slide. He understood.

On Friday, my manager confided during our weekly chat that he doesn't feel comfortable giving a specific task to the other person who is taking over my duties. He feels that I am the best candidate. Although it was a nice compliment, I can't handle everything. It explains why I used to always be exhausted after a major software release.

I don't want to be cloned, but it sounds like a fun idea to explore in this scenario.


  1. Oh i totally wish i could clone the work part of myself and just stick her in the office when I cant be present LOL

    1. Haha! I hope that this dream comes true for both of us!