Monday, June 22, 2020

Working from home for the rest of 2020

Last week, my employer announced that we are all working from home for the rest of 2020. On the whole, I am pleased with this decision.

A few weeks ago, my manager asked us whether we'd be interested in going back to the office. I felt that it was premature to pose such a question. When the office building and company roll out safety measures for employees, they would help me to decide whether I'm comfortable returning. Right now, I'm not because there haven't been any safety measures communicated to us. 

I do miss seeing colleagues that I like. However, I am happy to not commute to the office. It's 50 km for me in a single direction. I do like not fighting congestion, and saving time and money. I also like working quietly from home, with fewer distractions.

This week is my last before I go on vacation. I need a break badly.