Monday, June 08, 2020


My Mac mini is currently getting its operating system upgraded. I find that it doesn't clear the memory properly afterward this sort of upgrade, which causes me to unplug my Mac mini for at least a day.

I change my mind between whether to get a new Mac mini or keep it for a longer period. I'm in that scenario with my iPad, too. Both are roughly a decade old. I find that they aren't major necessities. After all, I'm still blogging!

Weekends are far too short. This upgrade feels like it's longer than my weekend!


  1. I have older Apple hardware. It's to the point where some apps refuse to work because it's too old. This is kind of the curse of getting Apple products: the hardware doesn't fail, but the demands of the software eventually make it obsolete. But then, I look at the newer stuff and ask, "They want me to spend HOW MUCH for this?"

    1. Yep, I hear you! My iPad doesn't get an operating system update at all anymore. I also have an iPod touch that is considered obsolete, but works perfectly as an alarm clock.

      Apple prices are extremely expensive. I love the look of the iPad Pro, but paying $2000 for a decent one isn't in my budget!