Friday, March 18, 2016

Change of lunch plans due to crappy traffic - what else is new?!

My guy and I had planned on having a late lunch on Wednesday. The problem? He called just before the time when we were supposed to meet and told me that he was stuck in traffic. He had been on the road for nearly two hours and wasn't even close to the restaurant.

I decided to drive to him. He was calling me from Islington and the 401. My guy would tell you that I am the most resourceful person he has ever met. I did a search on my phone for a decent restaurant close to where we was. There was a Vietnamese on a couple of exits from where he was, so I suggested that he do that.

Well, he surprised me by saying that he had travelled further along. He is directionally challenged after all! He was now at Avenue Road. I told him to take that exit. He did and waited for me along Wilson Avenue.

My guy and I were chatting for the whole time on the phone. Yes, we were both handsfree. It was funny that I was waiting at the intersection to turn left. I could see a police car. I asked him whether he saw it. He didn't. Well, it turned out that the police car was there for parking violations. The cop was ticketing the car in front of his. My guy was parked in front of the soon-to-be-ticketed car.

My guy saw my car. I told him to pull into a parking lot as I passed his, to avoid getting a ticket.

We parked. My guy got into my car. He looked good, as usual.

I had debated whether to give him his birthday present the day that we fly off to Seattle or a bit earlier. I decided to go with the latter. He loved his present. We kissed. He was cleanly shaven and smelled good.

We had to figure out where to eat. I wanted to do a search on my phone, but my guy was too busy kissing and holding my right hand. He's sweet. He also said that he would rather eat me than lunch!

Eventually, he let go of my hand for a minute, so that I could find a restaurant. I did! We drove over there, which wasn't too far away.

I will write more in a bit. Stay tuned!


  1. Really love the way you two are so flexible, CB. Happy you were able to connect.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks so much, Cat! It was a great day seeing him.