Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Skype chat with my guy in the office and both of us getting off

Last Monday, my guy was on Skype and sent me a message. He wanted to chat with me. It was around 15:00, so I went to find a mini meeting room.

My guy had a good day and didn't fall asleep while working, which is pretty good for a jetlagged guy.

He was horny and wanted help getting off. So, I helped, being the helpful person that I am. I joined in on the fun.

I wish Mondays were always this exciting. It was nice, considering that we have a six-hour time difference.

I wished my guy sweet dreams. He was fortunate to doze off. As for me, I didn't exactly do much work after that!


  1. Oh my, CB...orgasm in the office? Can definitely understand why you didn't do much work after that. LOL BTW...none of our meeting rooms have locks on the yours?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Our meeting rooms do not have locks on the doors, which is why my guy and I do not get intimate in them, like we did at our other office. It's risky, but I didn't care that day... haha!