Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cancelled flight and my shellac manicure

My guy sent me a quick e-mail on Saturday, telling me that his flight got cancelled. Instead, he is flying home on Sunday.

Flights do get cancelled from time to time. I have only experienced a flight cancellation once. My guy and I were to fly out of St. Louis on the same day. We were on different flights. His flight was fine. Mine got cancelled and I had to stay an extra night. It all worked out, although it would have been nice to have flown out with him on the same day.

My guy is sweet. He hoped that my weekend was going well. He also asked me about my shellac nail polish.

Last Sunday, I went to get a shellac manicure. It is the fourth one that I have ever had. It was an event with other folks, so we all got a discount.

I really liked the job that the woman did on my nails. The place guarantees that your manicure will not chip within seven days. I have just hit the seven-day mark and it is true!

My guy asked me whether my nail polish had chipped. He loves my nails and hands. He is probably the only guy that I know who does not get bored when I talk about painting my nails or getting a manicure.

I sent him a photo of my manicure last week. Yesterday, I sent him another photo. The only difference between the two photos is that my nails have grown a bit, as expected.

I hope that my guy arrives home safely today. He will likely get to see my intact shellac manicure this week.

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  1. Sorry your guy's flight got cancelled...have dealt with cancelled, delayed and re-directed flights...especially in bad weather. Such is life when traveling. ;) Are you going to take any nail polish and have your guy polish your toes after he receives his spanking? ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat