Thursday, March 24, 2016

Travel plans, a dong, and a skirt

Today is my last workday before I go on vacation. Naturally, my last day has to end with a storm containing rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. Welcome, Spring!

My guy and I fly off to Seattle on Sunday morning. He booked us on an early flight. Perhaps I should spank him for that.

Our plan is to meet at 06:00 to catch a taxi from our workplace to the airport. I have decided to book a hotel close by, which doesn't cost me a cent. It's nice to have points to burn. So, I get to sleep in a bit more than if I drove from home.

My guy is working from home all this week. Yesterday, he reached out to me over our work instant messaging system. He misses me. He wanted to take a break from doing his taxes.

I was impressed that he was doing his taxes fairly early. I did mine a couple of weeks ago. I surprised myself doing them in March. I normally do them in mid-April.

My guy asked me the other day to bring the dong that he had purchased from Amsterdam. I also have a short skirt to pack, among other fun items.

We can't wait!


  1. Have a great vacation! and I need to do my taxes too! thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks, Fondles! It's great to have you back in blogland again! I will thank my guy on your behalf for the tax reminder. =)

  2. Great idea staying at the hotel close to the office...I stay at a hotel close to the airport when I have an early flight. Have a wonderful and spankingly good vacation. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Great minds think alike! Thanks, Cat. We will. =)