Sunday, March 06, 2016

Two phone calls with my guy before he boarded his flight

Last Saturday, my guy called me twice. When he calls me more than once in a day, it simply means that he misses me. I am glad that he did call.

The first time he called me was just before 15:00. He was on the road. He admitted that he was a bit sleepy, so he thought that my chatting with him would be better than getting a strong cup of coffee. I had to ask him what he would do if I hadn't answered his call. He told me that he would slug his way into his side job of teaching a course on the weekend.

My guy was running late, as he had forgotten his passport at home and had to fetch it. He was travelling to Rome after his course.

I was close to where he was teaching, except that I was going to grab some lunch and then head home.

A few hours later, he called me from the airport. It was the last time that he was going to be in a business lounge. Last year, he didn't travel enough to maintain his flight elite status. He seemed devastated. I had to console him. I don't have any flying status these days. Oddly, that made him feel better!

I told him to ping me when he was safely in Rome. He said that he would.

It's nice when he needs to talk to me. He is away for two weeks, so any chat with him is always a precious moment for both of us.


  1. Happy you two got tow chat twice before he left. Hope you get lots of Skype in while he's gone...maybe even some 'Skype sex'. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. We should dub it Skype sex. I like the alliteration you have there. =)

      We have had a few of those sessions. I called them hornyfests!