Thursday, March 03, 2016

Elevator kisses, hugs, gropes, and memories

My guy is in Rome for the next couple of weeks, on business. We miss each other these days. I feel like I am stating the obvious.

Last Tuesday, when we got back to the office, we got into an empty elevator. I love when the doors close. We end up passionately kissing. It is truly unfortunate that he was working on the third floor that day.

I miss the days in our old office building where we would ride the elevator to either the seventh or eleventh floor. We could do so much more.

We have had some memorable elevator rides. One of my favourite rides was in Istanbul. We were on the thirty-something floor. So, we had a lot of kissing, hugging, and groping going on.

I especially miss him tonight. At least we got to chat for over an hour today, so it makes things a little easier.


  1. Good gravy, CB...why does he even have a house/apartment/whatever as much as he travels? Maybe he should just move in with you. :D Hope he gets a chance to sight-see as he travels.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He is sightseeing this weekend, which is good. He is there for two weeks, so he can be a tourist. When he's somewhere for a week, it is difficult for him to do any sightseeing after work.