Thursday, May 14, 2020

Transparency on shipping and the toll on the Internet when many are working from home

It appears that my modem will be delivered later on today. I just got a bill for the courier service. Interesting.

I'm not upset about paying $11.30 for shipping. It would have been nice if someone at my ISP had said, "Since you have been with us for eight years, we're giving you a new modem. However, we will be billing you for shipping." Transparency would have been nice.

Again, it's not a huge deal. The modem-router is probably worth $150 and I am hopeful that it will improve the quality of my Internet connection.

Yesterday, my colleague and friend had a chat with me about work. My connection had cut out briefly. She had the same issue with hers earlier in the day when she was in a meeting.

I have a feeling that since a lot of us are online, data connections will go through some hiccups these days.


  1. When the modem is up and running call the ISP and say you have a better deal from XYZ and you are thinking of changing. Ask them what they have by way of an offer to get you to stay.

    1. Thanks for your advice through my Internet issues. Right now, I'm ecstatic that my wifi connections are fast and stable!