Saturday, May 02, 2020

Leafing through magazines and memories

Last night, I found stacks of magazines as far back as 2005. It has been therapeutic throwing them out.

I end up leafing through the magazines before I chuck them out. It's nice to have a snapshot of what things were like years ago.

Some goodies include the following:
  • A flyer from Zellers. The final two Zellers stores that remained in Canada closed a couple of months ago.
  • A billing statement from Columbia House Canada. Yes, I loved subscribing to that service and getting CDs
  • A rather heavy December copy of the Mpls St. Paul Magazine. I also managed to get a paper cut from it.
  • A few credit card statements that served as bookmarks. I'm happy to say that all those accounts have been paid off and closed.
Good times on a Friday night. Have a great weekend!


  1. So long as you are keeping busy.

    1. I am, indeed. Keeping busy has been great and therapeutic. I feel accomplished!