Monday, May 04, 2020

Painting my nails with colour and throwing away empty product boxes

My Sunday was quiet. I finally got around to painting my nails a nice berry colour.

Ever since I have been working from home every day, I decided to go with a clear shellac on my nails. I dropped changing up my colour for almost two months. It was nice giving my nails a breather. 

I missed having a pop of colour on my nails, so I went for it. It's nice.

My decluttering activity continues. I have kept many boxes that used to contain products. I suppose I saved them in case I wanted to sell them down the road. The thing is that I have kept and continue to use these products. I don't have any inclination to sell them.

It has been interesting figuring out why I have kept so many items. I feel so differently years later about them.


  1. I often look back at my boxes of "stuff" and wonder why on earth I bothered keeping them. I guess needs / wants / likes change over time.

    1. So true! I have a box with lots of iPhone 5 cases. I no longer have this phone, so why did I keep them for so many years?!