Sunday, May 24, 2020

Grocery shopping, cart return, and car compliment

On Saturday, I went grocery shopping. Every couple of week, I drive into Toronto to hit one particular grocery store that has specific items that I can't get in my neighbourhood. I like this store a lot.

I had a small cart. After I had paid for my groceries, I rolled a small cart with my items over to my car, unloaded them into my car's trunk, and proceeded to put my cart away. There was a nice man who spotted me returning my cart.
"I can take that," he said cheerfully.
"Thanks," I said, leaving the cart a few feet from him so he could sanitize it.
"That's a beautiful car," he said, looking at my blue Corolla hatchback.
"Oh, thanks so much!"
I have to agree with him. It i a good-looking car.

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