Sunday, May 10, 2020

My childhood friend has COVID-19

Two days ago, I found out that a friend whom I've known since we were both four years old, has COVID-19. Ugh!

She works as a manager at a liquor store, which remains open through this pandemic. She lost her sense of taste and smell last Monday. She got a test done and it came back positive.

She describes having it as if I truck had run over her. She is at home, resting and self-isolating. Her daughter is a newly minted nurse. It must be highly stressful for both of them.

My friend is upbeat under the circumstances. She is achy and tired, though. She also doesn't wish this virus on her worst enemy.

It's scary that certain provinces here want to relax certain policies. On Saturday, Ontario was allowed to have nurseries and garden centres open. All I saw were lineups of folks. As much as I am all for having a distraction and a gardening hobby, I simply hope that there are measures in place at these centres as there are at grocery stores. The last thing we want is another spike in the number of Canadians with COVID-19.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone. This virus is scary.


  1. I hope your friend recovers.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I am hoping that she makes a full recovery soon, too.