Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sluggish Internet connection

I find that my DSL Internet connection at home get sluggish as the day progresses. I reboot my modem-router combo weekly, which helps initially, but gets worse over the next week or so.

I'm wondering whether I need a new router-modem. I've had my current and only one since I became a customer with my Internet service provider eight years ago. Maybe a technology update would be helpful.

I'm not sure whether upgrading my Internet service plan would be worth it. Anyway, I've asked support to look into my sluggish connection and see what suggestions I get.


  1. You definitely need a new router if yours is that old. There should not be a charge from your ISP. But you should also hunt around for a new plan and save yourself some money.

    1. As you had predicted, my ISP is sending me a new modem-router combo for free. I should get it by Thursday at the latest.

      I've been pretty happy with my ISP, despite the recent sluggishness. My previous one kept blaming me (it actually recommended that I swap out the modem and pay for it, which didn't help at all) when I knew that it wasn't. After two months of degraded service, this company finally admitted that their cable was faulty and swapped it out, leaving it on my tree in front of my house for a couple of days!