Friday, May 15, 2020

Lack of a delivery notification, but my modem works wonders!

Contactless delivery is interesting. Amazon does it right. If you are a Prime member, it delivers your package by placing it on your porch or front step, snapping a photo of your package and where it is, and the app lets you know that it has arrived.

Yesterday, I was expecting my modem to be delivered. It was 5 pm and I hadn't received it. I sent an e-mail to my Internet service provider for the tracking number.

I did get the tracking number about an hour later. It said that it was delivered at 2:14 pm. I was home eating lunch at that time. I didn't hear a door bell, knock, or cell phone ring.

Sure enough, I opened the door and it was sitting on the door step, in the rain. Thankfully, it was wrapped in a plastic bag.

Canpar, you need to be better at notifying customers. My cell phone number was on the front of the package. You could have texted or called me. It only takes a few seconds. I wasn't aware that you had delivered my package that stayed outside for four hours.

My package could have been stolen if we weren't going through a pandemic. If the package wasn't so carefully packaged, the rain could have damaged my modem.

On a happier note, my modem works well. I use the faster wifi band for work and videos. The slower band is for tablets and slower devices.

It's like night and day so far. I am looking forward to trying it out when I'm working from home in a few hours and doing meetings over my wifi connection.

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