Thursday, May 07, 2020

Meetings and time

Some people are having a difficult time adjusting to working from home every day. For me, it wasn't a huge stretch. I was working from home once or twice a week before the pandemic.

I truly prefer working from home. When I was in the office, many folks approached me to discuss various topics. I felt like I couldn't concentrate on my work with so many interruptions throughout the day. I have fewer distractions at home.

I tend to have meetings with my manager practically daily. I am doing work that requires my talking to him often. It's okay, except that I'd like to have fewer meetings.

Anyway, he came to my meeting on Wednesday morning and said the following:
"I am so glad to be in your meeting. Everyone else calls meetings that are pointless," he said.
That's a pretty good compliment to get. I went through my content and he approved it. It was a one-hour meeting that ended on time.

I wish that more meetings that I am a part of and are not run by me were that efficient.


  1. That sounds fabulous. So glad you got that vote of confidence!