Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother's Day and sharing multimedia with family twelve hours away

Just like that, the weekend is over.

Yesterday, I wished my mom a happy Mother's Day over the phone. I shared a photo of her from years ago on a social media account, which sparked a nice conversation with my cousin. She lives in Hong Kong. I'm in the suburbs of Toronto. She is the youngest cousin on my mom's side. I'm the oldest.

We have never met in person. Yet, our conversations over the years make us both feel like we truly know each other well.

She showed my photo to my aunt and uncle, which made them happy. Both my uncle (my mom's baby brother) and my mom have suffered strokes. They saw each other last summer when he and my aunt came to Toronto for a visit.

My cousin and I decided to try and get video and audio snippets of our parents now and again. I started off my sharing a video of some snow (yes, that's not a typo and it's the month of May) that came down on Saturday afternoon.

Technology does have its perks, especially when you are separated from family halfway across the world.

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