Sunday, May 03, 2020

Lovetaps and an orgasm to start the weekend

Ever since I have been tidying up and reorganizing stuff at home, which started with my panties, I am pleased with the collection that I have. From comfortable to sexy, I have a decent assortment.

Last night, I decided to hand-spank myself, but not to the point where they were hard, you've-been-a-bad-girl type of smacks. I did well cleaning up around the place all week that they were more lovetaps. It was equally as arousing to smack the exposed skin that my panties could not cover. I then slid them down and continued to lightly smack each bare buttock.

I ended up being so wet and aroused that I played with myself, eventually reaching orgasm.

The weekend has been great so far.


  1. It sounds like you are comfortable in your lockdown. Enjoy yourself.

    1. Thanks! I will.

      Have a good start to the new week!